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Duck Race

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The 2024 Great Looe River Duck Race will take place on Saturday 24th August 2024 at 15:30 when 5,000 plastic ducks will be tipped over the Looe Bridge and floated down the river from the bridge to the Lower Ferry Steps. The ticket holders for the first 4 ducks to complete the course (as determined by the duck catchers in the river) won cash prizes as shown in the table of winners below. The proceeds are in aid of the good causes that the Looe Lions support.

Do please note that all ducks are recovered from the river by our ‘duck wranglers’  using  nets across the width of the river ensuring that we do not pollute the sea (or harm any ducks).

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2015 “Duck Cam” Video

2023 Winners

Prize Money
Ticket Number
Winner’s Name
Winner’s Location
3431 Not disclosed
4271 Not disclosed
3617 Not disclosed
3653 Not disclosed

Registered with Cornwall Council (previously with Caradon District Council) as a lottery – Licence number 573

Promoter: Mr N White, Lions Club of Looe