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Three Legged Race

Sponsored 3-Legged Race (Fancy dress) in aid of Looe Community Meals

Friday 4th August 2023

Dressing up, going out with your mates and having a few drinks on a Friday night. What is different about that?

Take a look at the picture, this is the start of the three legged race, rushing to get into the Jolly Sailor first, drink the first complementary drink (as chosen by the venue) and set off for the next venue.

There are around ten venues to visit in order where each team must down the drink provided (or pour it over their heads) and move on. Some consider it a race, others spend their time trying to cope with being tied to their partner and trying to walk straight.

Entry costs £5 per participant (£10 per team), every participant must provide acceptable photo ID that proves that they are over 18.

Registration starts at 6:30pm in West Looe Square (West Quay Centre). The race will start at 7:30pm West Looe Square with the first venue being The Jolly Sailor and ending at The Globe.

Three-legged fancy dress Rules and Conditions

All entrants must be 18 or older – ID will be required if we ask for it.

There are 6 race categories: Male, Female, Mixed, Pioneers Male, Pioneers Female, Pioneers Mixed and a prize for best fancy dress. Teams must: use leg ties that are comfortable and easily removed; be joined below the knee; and make sure the joined legs do not move independently during the race.

Visit each pub in order and if you looking to win your race category then get your card marked by pub – IF YOU DON’T HAVE ALL 9 YOU CAN’T WIN. At each pub just ONE of you in each team should have ONE drink. Please note you are not required to drink alcohol – soft drinks or water are available.

ALWAYS do as a marshal instructs you – they are there for your safety. DO NOT take short cuts and keep to the route. Please be respectful and careful of pedestrians and traffic at all times. Failure to adhere to these rules and conditions will result in you being disqualified or required to withdraw from the event. The organisers’ rulings are final.

1. The Jolly Sailor

Then proceed down Princes Street onto Quay Road. Keep left.

2. The Portbyhan Hotel

Then keep left towards Harbour Moon

3. The Harbour Moon

Then CROSS the road to footpath on riverside. Go up footpath to go over the river via the bridge. CROSS at top of Fore Street (war memorial) and head into town, keeping left

5. The Ship (drinks inside)

Enter and leave by the main front entrance, turning left into Fore Street and then left at Mountain Warehouse down Higher Market Street

6. The Fisherman’s Arms (drinks by cannon)

Then keep left to the end of Higher Market Street

7. The Admiral Boscarn

Leave and keeping on the left-hand side all the way, along Church End (towards the RNLI shop) and at the very end turn right into Buller Street. Keep to the left of Mr Coney’s (formally Robbies) and head to Quay Street (the back of the net sheds) to the REAR ENTRANCE of the Buller Arms

8. The Buller’s Arms (drinks inside)

Leave the Buller Arms by the FRONT EXIT and turn left up Buller Street and Fore Street, keeping left

4. JJ’s

Then CROSS at traffic lights (New Peking Garden) and head up Fore Street and then Station Road towards The Globe. At the narrow point of footpath before reaching the Globe keep to the left (road) side of the pavement

9. The Globe (finish)